Poker Tournaments vs. Cash Games (Part2)

Poker tournaments versus cash games have been a dilemma for ages! If you are brand new to the game, it is best to play both first and see which one you personally prefer more.

Poker Tournaments vs. Cash Games (Part2)

As mentioned in our previous post, poker tournaments are easier for beginners to learn, but they also require a lot of time and the winnings are volatile. Today we will cover the pros and cons of poker cash games to help you decide which one you like more.

Cash Games


The first thing you will notice about cash games is that you usually make money consistently in these games. As long as you play a consistent number of hands, you can almost predict how much you’ll make each month. So if you are looking for a steady flow of money, cash games are definitely the way to go. If you can afford some really crazy variance, then tournaments might be for you.

While tournaments tie you to a registration period, cash games let you play for as long as you want. Players can basically come and go whenever they want in cash games. And since the games run 24/7 or around the clock, you can buy in and play whenever you want. Whether you just want to go online for a 30-minute session or play a 12-hour marathon, you can do it at cash games.

More room for analytical play. Since you do not have to worry about pay jumps and blind level raises, you can focus on your deep stack play after the flop and taking advantage of your opponents. Cash games require a smaller bankroll. While it’s debatable whether a hundred buy-ins is enough for tournaments, 40 to 50 buy-ins is more than enough for any cash game grind.


In general, professional players prefer cash games to tournaments because they require a deeper understanding of the game. Cash games offer a high degree of freedom and lower variance that appeal to professionals who are willing to work hard to achieve their ideal betting patterns.

When it comes to cash game poker strategies, especially in micro stakes, you need to prepare for both the rake and the opponents. In cash games, you get raked every time you win, while in tournaments, you only get raked once for every buy-in. When you play cash games, you will not see high payouts.
At best, even the most impressive cash game sessions will bring a profit of 15-20 buy-ins, and most good sessions will only bring a profit of 2-3 buy-ins. Tournaments, on the other hand, offer payouts of 100+ buy-ins at the top of many payout structures.

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